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Please Note- Our cutoff time for next day delivery is 2:45PM EST or 11:45AM-PST- Please also note that we cannot deliver on Sundays or Mondays!

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When do I have to place my order if I want it delivered the next day?

We have to receive your order BEFORE 2:45 EST  or 11:45PST the day BEFORE you want your cheesecake to arrive.

For delivery tomorrow, PLEASE check your watch before placing your order! In order to make sure we receive your order
BEFORE 2:45 PM EST place your order BEFORE:
2:45PM if you live in the Eastern Time Zone
1:45PM if you live in the Central Time Zone
12:45PM if you live in the Mountain Time Zone
11:45PM if you live in the Pacific Time Zone

(See shipping/delivery days below)



Why can't I have a cheesecake delivered on a Sunday or Monday?
We cannot initiate a shipment on the weekend. We SHIP Monday through Friday, for DELIVERY on Tuesday through Saturday. (See Saturday delivery below)

Can I ship a cheesecake to be delivered on Saturday or Sunday?
Saturday delivery is available for an additional $12.50*. The cake has to be shipped on Friday to arrive on Saturday. Sorry, we can not ship cakes to arrive on Sunday or Monday.
* We only charge extra shipping when FedEx charges us extra for a delivery.

How does your pricing work? Is shipping included? Is there a handling charge?
We ship all our cheesecake gifts via FedEx Standard Next Day Shipping. You'll see the FedEx shipping charge that will be added to each order BEFORE you place your order! Your cheesecake is guaranteed to arrive by 3:00pm. Some remote or rural areas have additional shipping charges.
We do not mark up the shipping, nor do we impose superfluous handling charges. We are in the business of shipping and handling cheesecakes, we will not charge you "extra" for the privilege.

When shopping for a cheesecake online be sure to take in to account the following:
* How big is the cheesecake and how much does it weigh? Not just the diameter.
* What are the shipping charges? When do you find out how much they are?
* How do they ship, Overnight or 2 day?
* What are the handling charges?
When comparing different sites, be sure the size of the cake and the shipping method are similar. Some online cheesecakes are as small as 15 oz, that's less than 1 pound!
On some sites your $39.95 cheesecake can end up costing $75.00 or more. careful!

How do you package your cheesecakes for shipping?
Our cheesecakes are blast frozen, then shrink wrapped with a heavy cryovac plastic. Then they go into a foam container that surrounds the cheesecake in 2 inches of insulation. This then goes into a heavy corrugated container. We ship all of our cakes FedEx Overnight service. The cheesecake will arrive either partially frozen, or cold and ready to enjoy. The packaging insures that every cheesecake will arrive in perfect condition. In the event that there is no one home, FedEx will leave the cake if it is safe to do so. The cake will last 2+ days in the container...especially during the winter months!
Please order with confidence, your cheesecake will arrive in perfect condition, we guarantee it!

What time will my cheesecake arrive?
We ship via FedEx Standard Next Day Service. Your cheesecake is guaranteed to arrive by 3:00pm local time.

What if I need my cheesecake to arrive before noon?
Delivery before noon requires us to ship your cheesecake FedEx Priority Next Day Service, and there is a $5.00 additional charge.

Please Note: From our experience, most cheesecakes are delivered well before 3:00 pm (especially to a business address) but if you absolutely need it to be delivered before noon, you should send your cheesecake Priority Overnight.

What happens if the recipient is not home?
FedEx will leave the package in a safe place at the address. 85% of our shipments are left at the door. If we had to depend on people being home during the day, nothing would get delivered!
As an alternative, we recommend that you ship to a business address if possible, as generally there is somebody there all day to receive the cheesecake.

Can I send a cheesecake to someone in a foreign country?
At this time no. It's very expensive, and they cannot guarantee timely delivery. Customs issues can also slow down the delivery. Our experience is that nobody is happy with the results, so until that changes, we do not offer international delivery.

Can I send a cheesecake to someone that lives in Canada?
Unfortunately Canada has many of the same problems as international deliveries. Even though it is in North America, FedEx will not guarantee delivery to even the largest Canadian cities.
Alaska and Hawaii
Alaska and Hawaii are available at an additional cost, usually $10* per cake. Remote and rural areas can be more. Please call for exact charges. * We only charge extra shipping when FedEx charges us extra for a delivery.
If I order two cheesecakes for the same address can they be sent in one package at less cost?
Unfortunately, no. Each cheesecake has to go into it's own specially designed package. And our shipping charges are based on a particular size and weight. If we bundle them together it raises the weight and changes the shape...resulting in a higher charge from FedEx.

Can I order today for delivery in the future (e.g.,can I order two cheesecakes for delivery on Wed. or Thur. of next week)?
Yes, you can order up to 1 year in advance the shipping date. And since we ship every cheesecake overnight, we can pinpoint your delivery day. We deliver every day except Sunday and Monday.

Can I include a note with the cheesecakes?
Yes you can. A gift message is included with our service. We can also put anything in the box that you want, as long as you can get it to us before your cake ships.

We encourage you to shop around at other Cheesecake sites, and you will see that size and quality of the cheesecake we offer, and the "Total Price" we charge, is well below what most cheesecake sites charge.

And our customer service far exceeds anything you’ve ever experienced, online or offline! Please check our testimonial page to see what our customers are saying about our products, our service and our company. We are confident you will be pleased!

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