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Assorted Mini Cheesecakes - 12 Pieces

A sensational assortment of twelve "mini" gourmet cheesecakes in four traditional flavor styles.Surrounded and bottomed with graham cracker crust, David' 5 oz. cheesecakes are truly one of a kind. Each cake is made from the freshest ingredients: Pure cane sugar, whole eggs, pure vanilla extract, freshly roasted nuts, and real creamed cheese. The assorted cakes arrive ready to eat, and attractively packaged in a gold David's Cookies gift tin.


SKU: 701
Lil Red Velvet - 12 Pieces

Moist layers of red velvet genoise, homemade recipe of cream cheese filling, garnished with a dark chocolate feather. 12 Pack.


SKU: 704
Peanut Butter Explosion - 12 Pieces

Layered chocolate genoise, rich & velvety peanut butter mousse, topped with brownie bits, peanut butter chips, drizzled in fudge. 12 pack.


SKU: 703
Raspberry Lemon Drop - 12 Pieces

Vanilla genoise, lemon mousse and a hint of European raspberry preserves, finished with a lemon glaze, white chocolate curls, and a raspberry medallion. 12 Pack.


SKU: 702
Tiramisu - 12 Pieces

Moist vanilla genoise, soaked in coffee liquor, marscapone, filled and topped with butter cream and finished with cocoa powder.


SKU: 705